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20 Montessori Gifts – Etsy Edition

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Montessori Gify Guide Etsy Gifts for Kids

This 2021 gift guide features 20 Montessori gifts from Etsy perfect for babies through 6 year olds. No affiliate links, just items I recommend!

Etsy is one of my very favorite places to find holiday gifts. Not only is it a way to support small businesses, but I also love the many lovely and unique Montessori-friendly toys there!

I had so much fun compiling this assortment of Montessori-friendly gifts for children 0-6. None of these are sponsored or affiliate links, just beautiful items I either have or would love to have for my own children.

Toys & Miscelaneous

1. Montessori Baby Toy Set

This set is lovely and would be such a sweet gift for an expecting parent, Montessori or not. (I also have to mention that Tiny Earth Co has a beautiful set of Montessori baby toys you can rent. I talk more about the company here!)

2. Montessori Climbing Set

This climbing set includes the Pikler triangle, as well as additional climbing pieces. It’s a bit of an investment, but is also the kind of item kids will use for years! Many babies will become interested in it around 10 months, when they start trying to pull up to stand. Older kids enjoy climbing it as well!

3. Balance Beam Set

In my opinion, you can never have too many gross motor options for kids! This is especially true if you live somewhere with cold winters where children may be limited in their outdoor play. This balance beam set is perfect for any child who loves balancing on logs or curbs…which is pretty much every kid I’ve ever met!

4. Ball Tracker

My daughter received a ball tracker when she was one year old and my kids both loved this toy! It was also quite popular in the Montessori toddler classroom I was an assistant in years ago.

5. Wooden Instrument Set

There are so many instrument sets out there but I love the variety and quality of this one. I especially love that it includes a harmonica – many sets only include percussion.

6. Personalized Nature Kaleidoscope

This gift is perfect for any nature-loving child! This would be fascinating for a toddler all the way through early elementary years…I love gifts that hold interest beyond a season!

7. Wooden Vehicle Memory Game

I love memory games because they can so easily be adapted for different levels. Toddlers can use it for a matching work while slightly older kids can incorporate the memory aspect. This set depicts vehicles but there many beautiful options on Etsy!

8. Felt Map

If you have an animal-loving child, this map makes a beautiful addition to their room! It’s part decoration, part interactive activity as they can match the lovely little felt animals to the correct region or continent.

9. Screw Board Construction Toy

I’ve never seen a building toy quite like this but I know my little engineer son would love it! It’s great for creativity as well as fine motor skills.

10. Tree Blocks

I have a bit of an obsession with blocks and natural tree blocks are some of my personal favorite. You can also simply cut a small branch into discs, which is what we did.


Etsy has SO many beautiful puzzles of varying levels. It’s easy to find one that meets your child’s specific interests. We have lots of puzzles because I find variety and rotating them out is key to keeping my kids’ interest but I do love mixing in a few heirloom-quality ones like these.

11. Photo Shape Puzzle

How lovely is this? This would be so fun for a young toddler! I really love that you can switch out the images. Put photos of your toddler or mix it up with different family members or seasonal photos!

12. Toddler Circle Puzzle

I got this circle puzzle for Lilah a couple of years ago and the quality is stunning. The different types of wood are so beautiful and I love graded puzzles like this where children have to discern which shape is bigger.

13. Solar System Puzzle

My kids love space so I know this one would be a hit! I love how it shows where the planets are in relation to each other.

14. Montessori Leaf Puzzle

It’s so nice to have a puzzle that reflects the actual leaves your child might find in your area. This puzzle includes many of the leaves we find where we are but you can find them for different areas of the world!

15. Human Body Puzzle (w/ book)

My five year old is currently fascinated with learning about the human body. He has been very into this book lately and I think this puzzle would make a lovely pairing!

16. Layers of the Earth Puzzle

If you have a child who loves volcanos or geology (like mine!), this puzzle does a great job of making an abstract concept more concrete.


Sewing is another area I love exploring on Etsy. While you certainly don’t need any special kits to introduce your child to sewing, if they enjoy it, some of these items can make a really fun gift!

17. Kids Sewing Box

I love our kids sewing box from Etsy so much but it’s not for sale right now. This one looks so cute though and you could easily fill it with items like needles, a pin cushion, embroidery thread, etc. from your local craft store. I really love these small fabric squares for kids sewing as well.

18. Basic Shapes Sewing Kit

Sewing on these little canvas shapes is such a great way for kids to practice small stitches and it’s really fun too! This is great for a beginning sewer.

19. Outer Space Sewing Set

I love this set because it lets children sew something beautiful and interesting, without needing really advanced skills. My son would love this!

20. Woodland Animal Kit

This one is a bit more advanced, but is so cute!

I hope you find something your child would love in this Montessori gift roundup! I would LOVE to hear of any great Montessori gifts you recommend in the comments.

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